Wednesday, May 25, 2005


What a thrilling Final

Once more the team which i supported lost.This time it's AC MILAN losing out to LIVERPOOL in the Champions League final.
But frankly speaking neither of the teams deserved to loose.It was a show of sheer determination by Liverpool after being down 3-0 at half time.
Seeing the first half , i thought it would be cake walk for Milan.But those 7 minutes sealed the fate of the match in favour of Liverpool.
Though credit goes to the entire team but i feel it was the able leadership of steven gerrard and excellent keeping by dudek tht did the damage.
Something for me to cheer about-2 goals by Crespo.Though he's not my favourite player but belongs to the country i support-ARGENTINA.
Looking forward to some good performance by this side in the Confideration Cup.
Hoping for some more exciting football in the near future.....I feel this match would go down as one of the most exciting matches i have ever seen.........esp. the delicte flick by crespo over dudek in the final minutes of first half and the encouraging of liverpool players by gerrard.

Sunday, May 22, 2005


It's Monday mundane

So monday is back,ready to torture me again .
no WORK--not new for me.
WORK --Wht is That?????Heard of it many times but it never ever had the guts to come near me.
It doesn't matter whether it's Mon,Tue,.........Fri.Everyday seems like a Sunday to me.What a profession!!!!!!!!
Weekend was sort of OK this time.
Watched the FA cup Final--MANU deserved to win by atleast 4 goals.But it was not there day.I feel sad for rooney,ronaldo and sir alex.
Also saw the movie "Main Aise Hi hoon". I liked it very much,ajay devgan was awesome and the theme of the movie was too good.
i was really pissed off by the news of Blasts In DELHI's theaters.Just got the news of another blast in East Delhi.What's Happening Mrs Dixit......
i have spent my allocated time on blogging.

Saturday, May 21, 2005


One Year In Mysore(PART-1)

Someone has said it correctly "TIME and TIDE waits for none"
I have now spent almost 1.5 years in Mysore-the Land of palaces.
Don't know exactly how this time went by - like a flash ........
I still remember the first day when i landed in mysore earn,learn and wht not.
The Move was a big transition , moving from the fast paced DELHI where i stayed for 24 years to MYSORE which was my first sojourn outside my home.
To tell a little abt Mysore-It's in total contrast to Delhi..........very slow ,no hurry , no worry only curry(sambar).
But frankly speaking not a bad city ,considering the climate and the people.............To Continue

Thursday, May 19, 2005


It's Friday

Another week comes to an end and i have no clue what i did during tht time.
now two days of rest and again the hectic schedule-chatting , playing and blogging.
Plans for today( and i should abide by them at any cost):-
1. Try to Kill time till 5 p.m.It's Tough but when the going gets tough, the tough gets going
2. Then the real hard work starts--preparing for the ALL ENGLAND BADMINTON CHAMPIONSHIP which no doubt after some years would be held in our campus.
3.Getting an hair cut --from our very own shanaz hussain.


Time to move

Straight from the auricle

I am waiting for the hands of the clock to move fast tht i can go and play
5 p.m.---freedom At Evening.(By manu anand)
Hoping i play to my potential and don't diasspoint my ardent fans in Delhi and Mysore.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Same old Story

Here i am again sitting in my cubicle,with my headphones on, thinking wht would i have for breakfast today.How to pass time till 5 p.m. which is a very herculean task .
Again no work today LONG LIVE BENCH.
After 5 i have a hectic schedule :- to go to our Employee Care Center and play badminton and then pool.It seems like till 5 i am in a cyber cafe and after tht in a sports complex.What a LIFE!!!

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