Sunday, May 22, 2005


It's Monday mundane

So monday is back,ready to torture me again .
no WORK--not new for me.
WORK --Wht is That?????Heard of it many times but it never ever had the guts to come near me.
It doesn't matter whether it's Mon,Tue,.........Fri.Everyday seems like a Sunday to me.What a profession!!!!!!!!
Weekend was sort of OK this time.
Watched the FA cup Final--MANU deserved to win by atleast 4 goals.But it was not there day.I feel sad for rooney,ronaldo and sir alex.
Also saw the movie "Main Aise Hi hoon". I liked it very much,ajay devgan was awesome and the theme of the movie was too good.
i was really pissed off by the news of Blasts In DELHI's theaters.Just got the news of another blast in East Delhi.What's Happening Mrs Dixit......
i have spent my allocated time on blogging.

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