Wednesday, May 25, 2005


What a thrilling Final

Once more the team which i supported lost.This time it's AC MILAN losing out to LIVERPOOL in the Champions League final.
But frankly speaking neither of the teams deserved to loose.It was a show of sheer determination by Liverpool after being down 3-0 at half time.
Seeing the first half , i thought it would be cake walk for Milan.But those 7 minutes sealed the fate of the match in favour of Liverpool.
Though credit goes to the entire team but i feel it was the able leadership of steven gerrard and excellent keeping by dudek tht did the damage.
Something for me to cheer about-2 goals by Crespo.Though he's not my favourite player but belongs to the country i support-ARGENTINA.
Looking forward to some good performance by this side in the Confideration Cup.
Hoping for some more exciting football in the near future.....I feel this match would go down as one of the most exciting matches i have ever seen.........esp. the delicte flick by crespo over dudek in the final minutes of first half and the encouraging of liverpool players by gerrard.
hey manu darling howz u ?? btw i missed the finale :(( . hope 2 catch the highlights tonight...vaise i was wishing that liverpool win..and they did...they were outstanding in quarters & semis !!
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